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Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads


From antiquity to the Middle Ages and beyond, the Silk Roads were trade routes across land and sea that linked Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Along the Silk Roads, people travelled: merchants and scholars and pilgrims, knowledge-seekers and diplomats and spies. Goods travelled: silk, gold, ivory, porcelain, paper, furs, and amber. Stories, ideas, and skills travelled.

And books travelled, too.

In a landmark exhibition co-curated by Suzanne Conklin Akbari and Filiz Çakır Phillip along with a team of experts, step in to learn more about books along the Silk Roads and their hidden stories.

Visit this exhibition in person.

Explore its digital companion.

Learn who put it together.

Map of the Silk Roads Map by Patricia Bentley and Christine Elson.