Book Formats Wall Graphic

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book formats wall graphic.JPG

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Book Formats Wall Graphic


This wall graphic of book formats along the Silk Roads features diagrams and brief definitions of a scroll, a pothi book, a concertina or accordion book, and a codex.

The diagram consists of line diagrams: on the upper row, scroll and pothi book; on the lower row, concertina and codex. Under each diagram are definitions, as follows:

A scroll is a roll made of joined sheets.
The Qur’an scroll, AKM492, is an

A pothi is made of single sheets
bound with string or wrapped with
a cloth wrapper and tie. The Tantra of the Five Protectresses, Thomas Fisher Rare
Book Library MSS 00015, is an example of a pothi.

A concertina or accordion is a folded scroll. The Iranian Concertina Album in the
Permanent Gallery, AKM275, is an

A codex is made of folded or single
sheets usually bound at one edge.
The Shahnameh, AKM269, is an example of a codex; the Record of the Pilgrimage Journey, AKM681, is an example of a codex from Asia.


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